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 Mon 10/14Soul Sessions PerformanceKC Jukehouse
 Mon 10/14Blue Monday Jam Session: Seth LeePerformanceThe Blue Room
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 Wed 10/16Gemini moviePerformancetheaters
 Thu 10/17Gemini moviePerformancetheaters
 Thu 10/17Mitch Butler Quartet featuring Bobby WatsonPerformanceThe Blue Room
 Fri 10/18Indigo Hour: Amber Underwood ProjectPerformanceThe Blue Room
 Sat 10/19Ida McBethConcertThe Blue Room
 Mon 10/21Soul Sessions PerformanceKC Jukehouse
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 Fri 10/25Laura TaglialatelaPerformanceThe Blue Room
 Fri 10/25Indigo Hour: Just A Taste A JazzPerformanceThe Blue Room
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 Fri 11/01Charles Williams & GenrePerformanceThe Blue Room
 Fri 11/01HarrietPerformancetheaters
 Fri 11/01Indigo Hour: Desmond MasonPerformanceThe Blue Room
 Sat 11/02James Ward BandPerformanceThe Blue Room
 Sat 11/02HarrietPerformancetheaters
 Sun 11/03HarrietPerformancetheaters
 Mon 11/04Soul Sessions PerformanceKC Jukehouse
 Mon 11/04HarrietPerformancetheaters
 Mon 11/04Blue Monday Jam Session: Jeff StocksPerformanceThe Blue Room
 Tue 11/05HarrietPerformancetheaters
 Wed 11/06HarrietPerformancetheaters
 Thu 11/07HarrietPerformancetheaters
 Fri 11/08Indigo Hour: Just A Taste A JazzPerformanceThe Blue Room
 Sat 11/096th Annual Awards and Scholarship Black Tie GalaPartyDelta Athenaeum
 Sat 11/09Jazz DisciplesPerformanceThe Blue Room
 Mon 11/11Soul Sessions PerformanceKC Jukehouse
 Mon 11/11Blue Monday Jam Session: Tyree JohnsonPerformanceThe Blue Room
 Sat 11/16Jason Marsalis Vibes QuartetPerformanceThe Blue Room
 Mon 11/18Blue Monday Jam Session: Jason GoudeauPerformanceThe Blue Room
 Mon 11/18Soul Sessions PerformanceKC Jukehouse
 Wed 11/20Listening Party: Jazz in Kansas CityConcertKansas City Public Library
 Fri 11/2221 BridgesPerformancetheaters
 Fri 11/22Indigo Hour: Delynia JannellPerformanceThe Blue Room
 Sat 11/2321 BridgesPerformancetheaters
 Sun 11/2421 BridgesPerformancetheaters
 Mon 11/2521 BridgesPerformancetheaters
 Mon 11/25Soul Sessions PerformanceKC Jukehouse
 Tue 11/2621 BridgesPerformancetheaters
 Wed 11/27Queen and SlimPerformancetheaters
 Wed 11/2721 BridgesPerformancetheaters
 Thu 11/2821 BridgesPerformancetheaters
 Thu 11/28Queen and SlimPerformancetheaters
 Fri 11/29Indigo Hour: Delynia JannellPerformanceThe Blue Room
 Fri 11/29Queen and SlimPerformancetheaters
 Sat 11/30Ida McBethPerformanceThe Blue Room
 Sat 11/30Queen and SlimPerformancetheaters
 Sun 12/01Queen and SlimPerformancetheaters
 Mon 12/02Soul Sessions PerformanceKC Jukehouse
 Mon 12/02Queen and SlimPerformancetheaters
 Tue 12/03Queen and SlimPerformancetheaters
 Mon 12/09Soul Sessions PerformanceKC Jukehouse
 Tue 12/10All-Star HolidaysConcertKauffman Center for the Performing Arts
 Mon 12/16Soul Sessions PerformanceKC Jukehouse
 Mon 12/23Soul Sessions PerformanceKC Jukehouse
 Fri 12/27ClemencyPerformancetheater
 Sat 12/28ClemencyPerformancetheater
 Sun 12/29ClemencyPerformancetheater
 Mon 12/30ClemencyPerformancetheater
 Tue 12/31ClemencyPerformancetheater
 Wed 01/01ClemencyPerformancetheater
 Thu 01/02ClemencyPerformancetheater
 Fri 01/17Bad Boys for LifePerformancetheaters
 Sat 01/18Bad Boys for LifePerformancetheaters
 Sun 01/19Bad Boys for LifePerformancetheaters
 Wed 02/26Listening Party: Latin JazzConcertKansas City Public Library
 Sat 03/07Havana to IpanemaConcertKauffman Center for the Performing Arts
 Wed 04/22Listening Party: Jazz and Gospel: Merging TraditionsConcertKansas City Public Library
 Fri 05/01Hallelujah, I Love Her So!ConcertKauffman Center for the Performing Arts